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Worlds! It’s Happening.

Bri and I are very excited because we are getting into the final ten weeks before the release! I keep having bouts of nervousness when it strikes me. I mean, I’m living the dream. I’m publishing a book. I thought it would be fun to do a little ‘diary’ of the last stage of writing a book. So check out here, my Facebook, and my Instagram to follow the last weeks in the process.

Now for today.

Bri, my PA (pronounced PERSONAL GODDESS), contacted book tour companies today and made arrangements for the release. I worked on edits, images, book info sheets, Gabe’s Rule List, and social media. Bri then double-checked my crap to be sure I wasn’t a complete eff-up.

Bri’s my editor, as well as my PA, and she really loathes that I unnecessarily capitalize everything after commas. 😁

Tomorrow, I will need to edit five more chapters. I need to have all the edits done by next Tuesday so the book can be recompiled for the final read by Bri. I keep joking that the book is starting to look like plain tofu since I’ve read it so much. I don’t think I wrote a boring or tasteless book! But it’s starting to feel a little like I’ve eaten it every day for the last few months.

So that is my first report! Tomorrow, I will post to another platform with an update. I think it will be Facebook!