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Featuring Author Sydney Storm

Celebrating and welcoming author Sydney Storm this week!

Title: Captured (Possess Me #1)
Author: Sydney Storm
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Release Date: March 19, 2021

Jackie should be afraid, terrorfied even, but she’s not. Snatched from her doorstep, she’s seen the beast for who he is, and she’s…oddly turned on. He’s massive, unattractive, and filthy. Shows no fear in getting caught and his gaze. Oh God, those eyes are sinister yet alluring and tempt her to do things she’s never considered. 

This woman I’ve taken…she’s…strange. She’s afraid of me, and rightly so, but I notice a yearning within her I can’t deny. Instead of trying to get away, she offers to help me. Why? She trusts me in her home knowing my intentions are to get the money and run, but now that Im with her, is it still about the money? She intrigues me in so many ways. A blank canvas I can mold the way I want. My instincts tell me to be wary of her, yet my instincts have been wrong before.

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Featuring Author Lyla Oweds

Celebrating the release and blog tour of Lyla Oweds’ novel Shadows of Nightshade!

Title: Shadows of Nightshade (The Garden of Eternal Flowers, #1)
Author: Lyla Oweds
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult
Release Date: March 08, 2023

I dream of a time where I was warm, safe, and loved.

But my waking reality is starkly different.

Anxiety plagues me and spirits haunt the shadows. No matter how fast I run, I can’t seem to escape my past.

The only solace and steady force in my life is my best friend, Finn.

And now… there’s a ghost haunting me. And I’m not certain if it wants help or if it wants to kill me. There’s only one person who can understand: Finn’s brother, Damen.

However, in reaching out, I’m betraying Finn and setting things into motion that cannot be undone.

But nobody ever said that doing the right thing was easy.

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The Double Ewww WIP!

I am still sick with the Las Vegas plague. What do they say about having too much fun? I don’t know, but what happened in Vegas came home with me and won’t let go. I can’t shake it, and I feel like crumbs from the litter box kind. I’m sure we all agree, nothing good comes from the litter box.

Because of the Las Vegas plague, I had to push RENLEY back two weeks and the release date which was originally April 11th is now the 25th. I’m sad about this, but at least I hadn’t put it up for pre-order yet. One good thing, I guess.

Let’s move on though to the WIP typo of the week. This typo goes with yesterday’s Teaser Tuesday. You clearly saw, if you read it, what it should be… now look at what I accidentally wrote, and you can imagine Bri’s response when she read it and came at me with, “Ali, what the fuck? Ewww!” To which I need to say in light of my mistake, a double ewww, considering she was eight at the time of the alleged event.

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The Not So Bestie Teaser

So in RENLEY, Adder’s best friend is Jasper Stetson, otherwise known as Jazzie September– a fabulous gold star gay. He’s a touch catty, a little uncouth, and generally downright loyal, but doesn’t always extend his loyalty to the things that come from his mouth in front of others. He and Levi commonly share the inability to keep secrets, secret. Nothing is particularly sacred, as you can see here in what I have dubbed ‘The Not So Bestie Teaser.’

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Featuring Author Sarah Blue

Featuring Sarah Blue and her fab new release One Pucked Up Pack.

Title: One Pucked Up Pack (Pucked Up Omegaverse #1)
Author: Sarah Blue
Genre: Omegaverse, Sports Romance, New Adult
Release Date: February 25, 2023

Winter break wasn’t supposed to turn into a whirlwind romance for Charlotte Hodges. She finds her dream pack landing in her lap, just a year before she’s due to graduate.

But life is never that easy, especially when the men she falls in love with are all getting drafted to different hockey teams. Long distance is hard. It’s even harder when the people you trusted the most aren’t there for you in your worst moment.

Charlotte thought she could move on. They would never put her over hockey and Charlotte knows her worth. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to forget about the three men she fell in love with on the ice. Especially when they’ll do whatever it takes to make this pack work and prove they are the right Alphas for her.

This is a standalone why choose omegaverse romance.

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Pregnant ho Teaser!

It’s my great joy to share more RENLEY with you. This is a little of Chapter 5… you may think from this that you know what’s going on, but I assure you, you do not. Renley’s a white knight, this book really lets him shine.

Featuring Author

Author Feature Teresa Cruz

It’s my pleasure to spotlight up and coming author Teresa Cruz and her new release Sally’s Heart.

Title: Sally’s Heart
Author: Teresa Cruz
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Rom-Com
Release Date: February 6, 2023


Oh. My. God!  
How is this my life?  
How does a flat tire on the way to an awesome weekend vacation with my girlfriends lead to me meeting the man of my dreams?  
Literally, I’ve dreamed of him. 
He’s only been staring in the movies inside my head and on the silver screen since I was in my early twenties. 
Keno Rivera, action star and from what I’ve heard, all-around good guy, stopped to help us with our tire.  
And now I find myself in a continuous texting conversation with an actual movie star! But my usual confident self is taking a bit of a hit, because he could be with anyone, but for some reason, he’s chosen me. 
A 46-year-old administrative assistant by day, writer of romance novels by night. 
I’ve lived the single life for a while. 
I don’t need to be needed by a man, but I sure would love to be wanted. 
And it seems Keno Rivera wants me! 

But will I let him have my heart? 

Will I get past my own stupid insecurities and let him in?


I’ve heard that pulling over to help someone with a flat tire is good Karma.  
Especially if it’s in the middle of nowhere.  
But what I didn’t expect was meeting Sally Ames.  
I’ve fallen in love once before, but that was over twenty years ago.  
Now I can’t get Sally out of my mind.  
Meeting her felt like fate. 
Because of my fame, I get followed by the paparazzi a lot. 
The gossip shows love to put me together with the latest Hollywood ‘It’ girl. Even if that ‘It” girl is twenty years younger. 
I’m so tired of the show business rat race. 
I guess I’m getting old, because all I want is the quiet of my horse ranch.

But will she be able to get past the gossip and see the truth? 

To see the real me?  

Will a long-distance relationship work? 

Will Sally open her heart to me?

Author’s Note: This is a Hollywood/anti-Hollywood story with its own guaranteed HEA. There is a karaoke scene that leads to a sex scene in a bar bathroom, which ends in a bar fight, and all done with low angst.

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The Uncomfortable Sistering WIP

I’m sick again! Woot!

It seems once a book I catch the plague and screw up my deadline. Like, for instance, the deadline for this draft is Friday, and I’ve been sick 10 days and the book is 19% done on beta. Oh yeah, we are clearly screwed there.

So, let’s talk about the book. It’s a little done. I am fattening it up like the feted calf. I always love the be characters more than my main characters and nothing is different in this book. Jazzie is so fun to write. I am about to rearrange my calendar, so my writing goal isn’t an unreachable 7500 words a day, while I’m ill.

And about this teaser… Shelby must have an unusual relationship with his coffee… or I made it uncomfortable the way I wrote it. And it was supposed to be SIPS.

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Featuring Ella Maven

I’m tickled pink to spotlight Ella Maven, and her new book The Guest With Claws!

Title: The Guest With Claws (Monster Hotel #1)
Author: Ella Maven
Release Date: February 24, 2023

I’ve never met him before… so why do I feel as if I’ve known him all my life?

Scoring a job at the exclusive and secretive Hotel Castle Verna is exactly what I need to pay off my debt and avoid a punishment I might not survive. The guests are a little eccentric, but they are great tippers. All I have to do is ignore the strange sights, smells, and sounds coming from the guest rooms, and I can remain gainfully employed. Simple, right?

Except there’s one guest at the hotel who’s always watching me with his mismatched black and white eyes. Half his face is covered with a black mask, and his stare sets my skin on fire. I don’t know him… and yet I feel known with every stolen glance.

Strange happenings are going on at the hotel, and each day, I fall deeper into a world I never knew existed. And the guest who’s watching me? He isn’t who I thought he was… but then again, neither am I.

The Guest With Claws is a monster romance with an obsessed hero, heats, reincarnation, fated mates, and a very, very odd hotel. This is a standalone romance with an overarching plot across the series. Check in to this high heat series from USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Maven.

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