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Oh, Yes, Baby… One Step Closer To Release!

Monday March 11, 2024

I live for finishing the editing phase of my book and moving on to the proofreading. Last night Bri and I spent five hours going through SHELBY and discussing certain parts to see why things had to be changed and reminding me why articles are the way they are. I also screw up commas often so believe me there were many comments that were me going, ‘Why is this like this?’ and the answer was often… a comma is needed or its a fragment. Or, better yet, it’s a dialogue tag.

Eff sentence fragments. Eff dialogue tags.

So, I woke up this morning out of sorts. I literally was so at odds with what I’ve been doing for the last two months, that I was sitting on my hands. I decided I’d start writing the three chapters I need of Nix’s story to enter into the anthology his story will be featured. But then I was struck by a devilish idea, why couldn’t the Abaddon books be dual POV? Nix’s soul needs to be heard.

I am ready to let it bleed them out on pages for you.

SHELBY will be out next week and NIX’s first few chapters are going to be in AITSC Anthology, Volume 2 later this summer. Oh, I haven’t forgotten about ROAN either.

My men are ready to start marching out.

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