RENLEY Cover Reveal

Friday March 31, 2023

Title: RENLEY 
Series: Somnolence
Cover Designer: Marcos Nogueira
Genre: Rockstar Romance, Paranormal Romance, New Adult
Release Date: April 25, 2023


In her darkest moment, he came willing to burn the world down for her.

During one night of weakness, Adder Rowe gave in to some sweet words, and has a lot of complications in her life to show for it. Now pregnant, she is eking by. But even before that, her ties to CypherSphere Records and Of Ashes To Eternity had left a bad taste in her mouth and an uneasy feeling in her heart. 

Renley Titan isn’t anyone’s hero. A chance meeting with his Tether, when she reaches out to his former band, leaves him in a dicey position. Play the game and keep winning the hearts of millions, or break the rules and make the world a better place for everyone by blowing it all up. The volatile keyboardist could go either way. 

But when someone comes out of the woodwork looking for a story only Adder can tell, how far will they go to get it?

Content Warning: This book includes sexual situations including MF, FF, FFM, and orgies. Sexual proclivities and kinks such as: voyeurism, exhibitionism, somnophilia, praise, breeding, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Threats of sexual assault and sexual exploitation via blackmail and photography, threats against a pregnant woman, and references to abortion (not by the main characters). Stalking, violence, and acts of terrorism on a major scale.

It’s recommended that you read the series in order beginning with RAIDEN.