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Countdown: We Are At Day 6

Can you believe it? It’s a miracle or something, that I’ve survived my own excitement I mean. Day six. My birthday is this Saturday and while I plan to get myself the new Simone Leigh Martin novel Marrow… my real present to myself will be releasing this baby. Pre-order now.

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Countdown: 7 Days Now

So excited now that there are only seven days to THE DREAM KEEPERS release day! Bri and I are overwhelmed by the support we have been getting from our friends and bloggers. Thank all of you so much. It’s almost here! Pre-order: https://amzn.to/2YjrXuk

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Behind the Scenes: It’s On Amazon!!

I sort of can’t believe I’ve made it to this point. I’ve been writing for years, but this year my New Year’s resolution was to bring one of my babies into the world. And I’m doing it. No more hiding behind coffee cups for me. Today the book went up on Amazon for pre-order. Please,…

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