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Behind the Scenes: Read-Through and Editing

Thursday August 12, 2021

The Dream Keepers

Good afternoon everyone! A little Behind the Scenes diary entry for you. 

Bri and I are delaying a little since the read-through has proved to wave some red flags our way. We are eight weeks out from book launch and need to edit the book again and do another read-through as soon as we are done to move to copyright and ISBN. This means we are juggling some cats. 

Not real cats, no, the real cat was helping me with my reading today. 

This is Lovey. She’s really a sixteen-pound paperweight. She eats my binding, my red pen, and drools on the hard copy. I love her, and she’s an excellent editor.

Now for the next step. 


Who cares that it’s afternoon, right? Sleep is for the weak.

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