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Behind the Scenes: Formatting

Friday August 20, 2021

I have one thing to say about formatting your book.

God bless your heart if you can do it.

So, today was a migraine of a morning. Bri and I spent the late morning and early afternoon tandem editing the last of the book. Then we compiled it. We tried to get it appropriately formatted, but what she was seeing and what I saw didn’t match.

What in the butt, dude!? We were looking at the same document on the same program, on the same type of computers. Hers showed it being off by a line. When I exported it as a PDF, sure enough, it was off by a line! I couldn’t even see it to fix it!

It was a conspiracy to see my brain leak out my eyeball, as migraines try to do.

So, then we had a little fun because I got to teach Bri how to export to .ePub and convert to .mobi. Of course, this was to put the book on our Kindles, where we found that the formatting was balls.

Bri, who I called a fancy devil earlier today, had to do a ton of convo juggling and info wrangling to find us some formatting info. And amongst this, we found out we didn’t need to do ISBN and Copyright the way we were going to do them.

We are so in the weeds on this first book. I swear to you, if it weren’t for Bri, I’d have lost my mind already.

So then we spent two hours researching book formatting services.

I still have to read the book tonight to do the last pass on it. I can’t tell you how spoiled this book baby is! It has all this attention and coddling. It better grow up to be successful.

It’s 21:35, I do 24 hour time in my house, it’s 9:35 for you civvies, and I just had to start pulling together everything we’d need for our book formatting. And when I went to purchase the copyright, the US Copyright online registration was offline. I don’t need this. Bri already has a freaking ulcer–she doesn’t need another one, and me not getting copyright done will give her one!

Did I mention that formatting a book requires the stuff that goes, you know… inside the book???

It might be the seven cups of coffee I drank today. Or the migraine that never went away. The fact that the only thing I ate today was a PB&J and some spaghetti sauce, not together. Maybe it’s that I’m overtired. I really want to see the backend of this book today. I’m ready to start writing book two.

But before that… I want a shower, more Excedrin, and would it be too much to ask for some In-n-Out? I’d die or kill for some fries right now.

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