Teaser Tuesday, Wishcraft

Wishcraft: Teaser Tuesday

Tuesday January 4, 2022

It’s been a while. I got unbelievably busy and I just don’t multitask well. But Wishcraft is only weeks from release and the final deadline is upon us. Oh god, it’s exhausting. I mean I live, breathe, and sweat this book. My sister spent Christmas with me and she felt a little insulted by how distracted I’ve been. But worse, I am releasing my book on her birthday! Muhahaha. I released my first book on my mom’s. My next book will be on another family member’s. I’m terrible with dates and if they can all be bound up together with important events than they will be easier to celebrate. Or so I try to defend myself.

So here is the Wishcraft teaser for this week.


She starts laying down a card. “Interesting. This is your present position. You are having an inner struggle. You are stuck in a rut and you can’t see past your own troubles.” She reaches out and covers my hand with hers. “I know it seems like things are building up against you, but the reality is, you are building that mess. You need to learn not to bury yourself.”

She covers that card by laying another over it. “This is your immediate influence.”

“What is that?” I point at the card. It doesn’t look good. It’s dark and twisted with a monster on it.

“The devil.” Lucy explains. She shakes her head.

Lexa reaches out this time and puts her hand on my knee. “It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

The fortune teller shakes her head and sighs. “In this case, I’m afraid it’s not a good thing. This card means that you are living in a world of fear, domination and bondage. It reiterates the present position. I know you lust for retribution, but your fears are just that, they are feelings and not facts. You’ve become blind to facts.”

My reading continued like that. It wasn’t a lot of good. When she lays down the tenth card it is covered in cups. “What is that one.”

“This is the eight of cups, reversed. It means you will stagnate and abandon relationships.” Lucy looked at me sadly. “But you are already doing that, aren’t you?”

I feel sick to my stomach. Nowhere in this reading was there a tall, sexy stranger who was going to love me and sweep me off my feet.

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