Teaser Tuesday, Wishcraft

Wishcraft: Teaser Tuesday

Tuesday January 18, 2022

Another Wishcraft Teaser Tuesday, and this one is a little scene of Lexa and Michaela. I hope you enjoy it!

After showering, I return to the kitchen to find sandwiches on the table with what looks like iced tea. It makes me think of another old song. If I couldn’t be with the one I loved, maybe I could love the one I’m with. “I don’t have food, where did you get these?”

“Aunt Dora’s. She’s one of those weird people with food in their fridge. Odd, I know.” Lexa taps the table near the chair she wants me to sit on, calling me like a dog. 

I’m not even offended. 

“Fucking weirdos,” I deadpan.

“She told me you keep taking food over there. Why?”

“My mom needs to eat.” I sigh.

She shakes her head like I’m stupid. “Oh my God. So do you, bonehead.”

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