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Featuring Author J.R. Byers

Friday August 26, 2022

Welcoming Author J.R. Byers to spotlight this super lovely book cover… I mean super lovely book! 😀

Title: Finding Emmaline (Blackwood Series)
Author: J.R. Byers
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: August 15, 2021

Aberdeen, Scotland. 1744
William Blackwood had it all.

The oldest son of a wealthy whisky merchant, the devastatingly handsome bachelor was more than content with his life.
He had a wonderful family, good friends, and the freedom to do as he pleased.

The gentleman bad boy known affectionately as The Prince of Aberdeen, the ladies loved him. And he loved them.
When Emmaline Bissette, his childhood friend, walks back into his life, his whole world changes. Suddenly, the thought of spending a lifetime with one woman doesn’t seem so mundane as he once thought, and the idea of marriage and a family of his own becomes rapidly appealing.

But when tragedy strikes, his love is cruelly taken from him, and William is left grief stricken and alone.
Devastated by his loss and racked with guilt over the circumstances of her death, the handsome widower leaves Scotland behind in the hopes of escaping the painful memories.
Vowing to never love again, William has kept his heart guarded for nearly three centuries.

Now, he yearns to go home, back to his beloved Scotland.
Where fate, it seems, is not quite done with him just yet……

J.R. Byers lives in Jacksonville, Fl with her husband, daughter, and Six dogs. A new author, she writes contemporary, paranormal, and historical romance novels. She credits her love of writing to the very first romance novel she read at the age of twelve.

Her first book, Finding Emmaline. A Blackwood Series Novel, is available on Amazon, with a release date of her second book, Kane’s Reckoning, available soon.


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