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Featuring Author Michael Breen

Saturday December 3, 2022

Celebrating Author Michael Breen’s new release Ever The Night Road!

Title: Ever The Night Road
Author: Michael Breen
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Release Date: November 21, 2022

This is a fantasy. 

Of a City of water and glass. Of drowned things and lost memories lying just below its surface. Of concrete slums, and a decaying Oracle Tower. And a deep underground. 

It is also a fantasy of orphan children. Like Dagny Losh. She is an escape artist. Not a chosen profession but a survival tactic, thrust upon her at a young age to break free from poverty and violence, fever and flood. While others perished, Dagny emerged into a privileged world of polished brass gates and opportunity. But she is an imposter, a misfit in fine clothes. Perfumed with dirty fingernails. 

Now, at seventeen, Dagny remains rudderless and lonely. Longing for a connection to a  changing world. What she finds is a fragment of her old life, before the river washed everything away. A fragment once thought forever lost. And it will take all she has to protect it.

Ever the Night Road is a coming-of-age adventure story. Dagny and an array of companions undertake a high-stakes quest guided by the stars and ancient myth, encountering danger from both criminal and supernatural forces. Along the way, Dagny will discover the bonds of true friendship, young love and the depths of her own bravery in a brutal and enchanting world.

Mike is an indie fantasy author living in Tampa. He grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida and has a background in theatre — he met his wife while doing a not-so-romantic play about death row inmates. Mike also has a JD from the University of Florida and practices law when the sun is out. When not writing, he is usually thinking about writing, or trying to figure out how a mandolin works.

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