Somnolence, WIP Wednesday

Directionally Impaired WIP

Wednesday January 11, 2023

I’m imperfectly perfect.

Saying that, I make great typos. When Bri was going through JONAH, she found this one.

As I mentioned in my teaser, I am working on RENLEY now. Really happy with where I am in it. The direction I’m going is great, and I like the characters. First drafts are often messy and awkward. But I think that this is going as smoothly as RAIDEN, and he was a babe to write.

JONAH is with the betas and so far one of my most dear betas has come back with glowing feedback on the story and some real humdingers of mistakes. Apparently, my new thing is to not punctuate. Who needs periods or quotes? Not me or my book. Raylene is finding all the missing ones though. Freaking good beta, not letting me get away with being mediocre.

RAIDEN and TRACE are available on Kindle Unlimited and JONAH is available for pre-order.

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