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Featuring Author Sydney Storm

Friday March 24, 2023

Celebrating and welcoming author Sydney Storm this week!

Title: Captured (Possess Me #1)
Author: Sydney Storm
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Release Date: March 19, 2021

Jackie should be afraid, terrorfied even, but she’s not. Snatched from her doorstep, she’s seen the beast for who he is, and she’s…oddly turned on. He’s massive, unattractive, and filthy. Shows no fear in getting caught and his gaze. Oh God, those eyes are sinister yet alluring and tempt her to do things she’s never considered. 

This woman I’ve taken…she’s…strange. She’s afraid of me, and rightly so, but I notice a yearning within her I can’t deny. Instead of trying to get away, she offers to help me. Why? She trusts me in her home knowing my intentions are to get the money and run, but now that Im with her, is it still about the money? She intrigues me in so many ways. A blank canvas I can mold the way I want. My instincts tell me to be wary of her, yet my instincts have been wrong before.

Sydney is an all around fun lady looking to take the world by….yep you guessed it…Storm!

She began her writing late in life and has never regretted any word put to paper. She is outgoing, adventurous and a flirt.

She looks forward to meeting other authors and readers whenever she is out and about. She loves hiking, writing, of course, reading, how could anyone not? And swimming. When not going at it like a racehorse on her computer, she likes to take time and enjoy being out in nature. Gardening is her second hobby. Growing herbs…no, the edible kind…no, the seasoning kind. Ugh, she likes to grow rosemary, sage, mint, thyme and chives. She also has a moonflower plant.

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