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TWO-Teaser Tuesday!

Tuesday May 16, 2023

Can you believe it? It’s feast or famine with me. I either forget to do it for so long it’s pointless, or now I’m writing two books, and I have two teasers.

JUMPER is the last book in the Somnolence series and tells the story of our drummer, Becca, Crux, and Tobin. This novel is a Why Choose Romance.

JUMPER – Somnolence – Book 5

“Hey drummerboy.” 
“Hey, Becks. Where are the rest of your escort?” He bends down and kisses my lips. 
“Lizzy left them in our dust when she picked me up and ran us up here.” I held out a slippered foot. “The rocks were hurting my feet.”
Tobin pulls me back by the waist into his lap and nuzzles into my neck. “Crux isn’t going to like losing sight of you.”
The front door slams and Crux comes in and stands with his hands on his hips. “You are not to leave your Abaddon, Becca Mae.” 
“Sure, poppa Crux, I won’t ever leave your side.” I roll my eyes.

I’m reworking a YA/NA contemporary novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2013 for release later this year. It’s called It Feels Like Home.

It Feels Like Home – YA/NA Contemporary Standalone

Peter shook his head and then looked back at Ky. “Why couldn’t you like Mr. ‘I’m a Libra.’ Waverly? You just can’t stop loving trouble no matter what he does.”
“I know he’s a jackass, but… I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I looked back at Ky, but he wasn’t looking at me anymore.
“There are no ‘buts.’ girl. He’s just a jackass, and he went through dozens of girls after you. He screwed most of the female junior and senior class during his sophomore year. You are going to have to go to asshole rehab at some point. You really have to kick the habit.” Peter looked disappointed.
I knew everything he said was true. 
But there was one thing I was very aware of at the moment, looking at Ky Linley made me feel like I was still crazy for him. I still held hope that he wasn’t the guy he acted like. 
And I knew that made me dumb, but I still wanted him.

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