It Feels Like Home, Teaser Tuesday

An It Feels Like Home Teaser

Tuesday May 23, 2023

I have been working primarily on this title because it is killer to work on two titles with two release dates so close together. I don’t know how other authors do it. I was exhausted all the freaking time, and it was killing my vibe.

I’ll be back full-time to Jump’s book on the 1st when I finish this book. IFLH goes to beta readers on June 1st and has a release on July 5th.

Title: It Feels Like Home
Genre: Contemporary, Mature YA/Teen Romance
Tropes: Second Chance Romance, Enemies-to-Lovers, Coming of Age
Release Date: JULY 05, 2023

I returned to the kitchen and in quiet company, made salads, sliced meat, took things out of a very orderly put together freezer, and put things into an equally arranged refrigerator. It was a simple and straightforward job of following easy directions. This was literally a cherry work position, and I was thankful to have landed it. 

Melissa nodded toward a silver bin of marinara sauce. “Jacelyn, would you refill the marinara?” 

Just then, the kitchen door swung open and Ricky walked in with a familiar figure behind him. I froze in my place, and I could feel my eyes widen comically.

“Jacelyn, this is Ky, our delivery driver. When he’s not making deliveries, he’ll be back here with you and Mel as a line cook. He knows this kitchen almost as well as she does. He also waits on tables, buses, and can host. If I ever drop dead, he can probably handle my end too. If you have any questions, this is who you go to.”

Ky’s lips tipped up on one side, not really a smile, just a suggestion that there could be one. He nodded my way. “We know one another.” 

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