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WIP Wednesday: Plotting and Outlining

Wednesday August 10, 2022

First, let me just tell you… I could not spell outlining to save my life and had no idea how I was spelling it wrong until I realized I left out the ‘line’ part.

My brain is fried.

So JONAH is next, and I start his book on Monday. I have a schedule already set out for the rough draft. I have August 15th to the 31st to write it. Then, I go into my second draft which is from September 1st – October 1st. It then goes to the betas before I get it for the final draft.

Right now… plotting and outlining.


I never had a great vision for Jonah’s book because the asshat is just a difficult wiener of a douchecanoe and won’t work with me. Lizzy is no issue. I know tons about her and her side of the story. I actually had to talk it out to my guy though during our travels because I had serious concerns I’d make her character too isolated or alienated, and just plain old difficult to relate to or like. But that shithead, JONAH… no clue. I’m sure it will work out on paper.

Now, I have about ten chapters outlined so far, and I will probably tweak them a bit before I start writing and adjust more as JONAH pulls himself out of the miasma that is my brain.

In other news… I have decided not to kill him at the start of the book to make it all easier for myself, so that is something there.

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