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Taking Up My Slack Thursday

Friday November 4, 2022

I’m behind and literally treading water. In case you missed it, my life got crazy and I soon followed. I just got back from a trip home to my family because my dad was badly injured. I returned home to San Diego, read JONAH only to sink into a depressive dismay that demanded immediate action to improve where I was going with my story. It smells like a dung heap.

So, I contacted some people to do alpha reading. I printed out my manuscript and red marked the hell out of it, and I plan to slaughter it. I would generally write something through and not stop to rewrite this early in my process, but my main character is missing from my story. That is a MASSIVE issue. So I need to fix that to go anywhere. I plan to descend upon this book with a loving vengeance. It’s going to get the massage of it’s life.

I missed Teaser Tuesday and here is a part that I don’t have a problem with… about the only part. The first few lines of dialogue.

Do I have a schedule? Not at the moment.
What am I asking of you? Bear with me. It’s been a month of Mondays.

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