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Tease, Tease, Tease…

Oh, my goodness. I recovered from one illness just to get another. I’m trying to finish the first draft of JONAH, so I cry uncle on this bullshit. I need a break. But you know, it’s time for a little teasing, and I have something for you. It’s a snippet of Nix and Lizzy, whose relationship is akin to brother and sister and whom I love together in JONAH.

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Jonah, Teaser Tuesday

Teasing you this Tuesday

So, I got sick–the flu sucks. I got my flu shot but it didn’t save me though. I must have gotten one of the strains that I was vaccinated for. But because misery likes company, I gave it to my husband and now he’s super sick. My sister is still holding strong, the girl has the constitution of an ox. I hope she remains that way because it really sucked.

All that said, I didn’t have a lot of time to work on Jonah last week between DayQuil shots. But I had a hypomanic recovery and I’ve written five chapters since Saturday. My goal today is only 3000 words and I haven’t started yet, so I have to get going. Yoinks!

Here is your Teaser Tuesday!

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Taking Up My Slack Thursday

I’m behind and literally treading water. In case you missed it, my life got crazy and I soon followed. I just got back from a trip home to my family because my dad was badly injured. I returned home to San Diego, read JONAH only to sink into a depressive dismay that demanded immediate action to improve where I was going with my story. It smells like a dung heap.

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Teaser Tuesday, Trace

It’s a 🥳 Tuesday Teaser 🥳

So excited… it’s only two weeks away now! Woohoo! Trace is almost here and with him is the anxiety and nervousness that comes with the launch because I never know if people will love or hate a story. Especially one I love, and I love this one. I swoon for this dude. Trace is my kinda alphahole.

Before I wax on about my love for him, ad nauseam, here’s the teaser!

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💕Cover Reveal for TRACE💕

It’s finally TRACE’s cover reveal and I’m so excited. Xpresso Book Tours is handling my cover reveal and Giselle and her hosts are doing an amazing job. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the response I’ve had so far because this is only a few hours into the cover reveal and most of the time I don’t see much until the end of the day.

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Somnolence, Teaser Tuesday, Trace

Just to Tease your Tuesday

It’s another Tuesday… they keep happening. It’s like they’re weekly or something.

I have another Trace teaser for you. I love this guy he’s tender, filthy and full of feels. Raiden is definitely special, but Trace is my kind of dude. I’d be all over him.

I love me a hot mess of a man.